Próximo Congreso

The purpose of the International Workshop on Air Quality Forecasting Research is to provide a forum to discuss science issues and research advancements related to air quality forecasting. The objectives of these workshops include improving operational air quality forecasts, promoting collaborations among air quality forecasting researchers and practitioners, and cultivating an international air quality forecasting community.

This 10th workshop welcomes papers on all aspects of air quality forecasting research, but with a particular emphasis on those related to research and development on emissions and inventories, modeling techniques such as inline coupling, observations (including satellites) for model improvement, and topics of current interest such as wildfires and social science.

Participants in this year's IWAQFR include:

  • Those involved in research that supports operational air quality forecasting;
  • Those involved in research to improve air quality forecasting predictive capabilities in areas of particular interest, such as wildfires;
  • Those involved in development of air quality forecast models used for operational or research purposes; and
  • Users of operational air quality models and forecasts.

The format of this workshop will include oral presentation and poster sessions. Theme areas for this year's workshop are:

Theme 1: Operational Air Quality Forecasting: Progress and Challenges
Theme 2: Emissions and Inventories
Theme 3: Data Assimilation 
Theme 4: Evaluation and Post-Processing
Theme 5: Urban Air Quality Modeling 
Theme 6: Interactions of Meteorological and Air Quality Forecasting
Theme 7: Emerging Topics on AQ Forecasting

Given the virtual nature of this year's event, the format will include a combination of live keynote talks, live or prerecorded oral presentations, virtual poster sessions, and live panel discussions for all sessions. The event will be limited to a few hours on each of the 3 days to accommodate the different time zones.


Workshop Coordinators:

  • Agustin Garcia(UNAM)
  • Luisa Molina (MCE2)

Steering Committee:

  • Eric Williams (NOAA)
  • Megan Melamed (NOAA)
  • Bouchet, Veronique (ECCC)
  • Rosa Wu (ECCC)
  • Radenko Pavlovic (ECCC)
  • Mike Howe (ECCC)
  • Heather Morrison (ECCC)
  • Ivanka Stajner (NOAA)
  • Eric Williams (NOAA)

Academic Support

  • Victor Almanza (UNAM)
  • Ivan Paniagua (UNAM)
  • Ivonne San Miguel (UNAM)

Technical Support

  • Pedro Cruz (UNAM)
  • Dulce Herrera (UNAM)
  • Higicel Dominguez (UNAM)